The 5 Best Mystery Novels of All Time

1. The Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie The book is a murder mystery set aboard the luxurious train, Orient Express. The story begins with a murder on the train and then moves to the story of an unsolved crime that has been haunting Hercule Poirot for years. The Orient Express is one […]

Top Horror Books For a Wide Audience

1. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Frankenstein is a novel that has many different themes and elements. The way in which the creature is created is an example of the theme of hubris. The creature’s physical appearance also fits with the theme of hubris. It embodies what Frankenstein felt in his heart but could not express […]

Review – Natwest Savings Goal In The NatWest App

Have you ever yearned for a way to put away money each month towards something you’ve really wanted. Have an MOT or Service each year that you forget to save for? Big bills that come around annually? Well, there’s a solution. NatWest Savings Goal  Over the past year I’ve been dabbling with NatWest’s new Savings Goals. […]